Water Pump and Water Well Services in Redding

CPM specializes in working with municipalities and utility companies as well as agriculture irrigation districts to deliver top-quality water pump installation and repair services across Northern California. We can install new pumps based on your specifications as well as repair and rebuild pumps that are no longer working as they should.

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Municipal and Irrigation Water Pumps in Redding, California


Water Pump Services

Small problems can lead to large inefficiencies when large volumes of water are involved. Our water pump technicians will come out to your site and perform a detailed analysis of the situation to determine what is wrong and how we can fix it.

We can replace the pump entirely but it’s not uncommon to be able to rebuild a pump and restore it to full capacity. We can also install new water pump systems to your specifications. Click the link below to learn more about the various water pump services we provide.

Water Well Services

We don’t drill wells, but we do service them. Water well cleaning, repairs, and inspections can be scheduled anytime. We also deal with all kinds of water pumps, above and below ground. If your water well is not working properly, give us a call today.

Inefficient wells may plug or sand production that can often be repaired. If cleaning is necessary we use a combination of brushing and safe chemicals to clean the screens or perforations and get your water flowing again. Click on the link below to learn more about the particular water well services we provide.

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Water Pump Services

When water well stops producing at the level it once was, the causes can be many. We will start with a careful inspection of your well and determine what must be done in order to get your water flowing properly again.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment where we will come out and do a detailed analysis of the situation to determine what is wrong and how we can fix it. We can replace the pump entirely but it’s not uncommon to be able to rebuild a pump and restore it to full capacity.

We also have an in-house pump testing facility that saves a lot of time compared to waiting for manufacturers to run their own tests.

  • Water Well Pumps

  • Vertical Deep Well Turbine Pumps

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Machine Fabrication Shop for Custom Pumps and Repairs

  • Electrical Supply, Controls, and Motor Repairs and Installations

  • Emergency Generators for Pump Houses

  • Pump Efficiency Testing and Vibration Analysis


Water Well Services

Water wells use perforated pipes and screens to keep dirt, rock, and debris from entering the inner chamber where water is pumped to the service. Over time, these small holes can get plugged up with mineral deposits or even residue left behind by bacteria.

If your well is not producing as much water as it should, this could be the issue. First, we will use a submersible camera to scope out the situation deep inside your well. If we determine that the screen or perforated pipe is plugged up, we’ll use a combination of acid and brushing to clean out the holes and get your well producing again.

The acid-cleaning process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the cause of the problem and how severe it is.

  • Water Well Cleaning

  • Water Well Repair

  • Water Well Destruction

Commercial Pumps Installation and Repairs

Commercial water pumps are heavy-duty and built to perform at a high level of efficiency for long periods of time without fail. Over time the impellers and other moving parts of the pump can become worn and require repairs and replacements of pieces.

Commercial Pump & Mechanical, Inc. has a full suite of commercial water pump services that can handle any project large or small. If you have new pumps ready to go, we can install them. If you need pumps built to custom specifications, our fully equipped machine shop can build and assemble any style of the pump to fit your system.

Our in-house water pump testing facility allows us to test our pumps before they leave our warehouse so you can rely on highly efficient, long-lasting pumps to power water through your system for years to come.

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Redding, California

Redding is a city in and the county seat of Shasta County, California, in the northern part of the state. It lies along the Sacramento River, 162 miles north of Sacramento, and 120 miles south of California’s northern border with Oregon. Interstate 5 bisects the entire city, from the south to north before it approaches Shasta Lake, which is located 15 miles to the north. The 2010 population was 90,322. Redding is the largest city in the Shasta Cascade region, and it is the sixth-largest city in the Sacramento Valley, behind Chico, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, and Vacaville.

Things to do in Redding

  • Sundial Bridge
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park
  • Mc Connell Arboretum & Gardens
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Bethel Church Redding
  • Shasta State Historic Park
  • WaterWorks Park, Redding

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